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We are a passionate group of foodservice professionals that are looking to change your facility one meal at a time.

Marche means market in French and although we don't have French food on our menu, we are passionate like the French.

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What we do is simple, we turn ordinary healthcare, school, workplace or non traditional food environments into a desirable food venue that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack.

Our mission is to turn cafeterias into a Marche that offers customers a variety of foods. Whether we drop in a brand name or even create our own in-house food concept that lends itself to a need that a location has.

Our recipe is straightforward, elevate the environment and the food so more people enjoy it. We are passionate about good food and delivering experiences customers love.

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We are all about the experience so we focus more on putting out better food coupled to value instead of just putting out cheap eats.

We also understand the importance of convenience and technology so we ensure on-line ordering is available in each of the locations we service. This ensures that you cut the line and save time.

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Our commitment is to create food that people will love using quality ingredients. We align ourselves with suppliers who care like we do and have the same commitment of providing nutritious and wholesome food.

Health & Wellness

Our aim is to provide balanced meals so that our customers are able to make better decisions. Making healthier options available encourages healthier eating and promotes a more active lifestyle.



Fresh ingredients are the foundation of a good meal. We source locally anytime we can so that we can ensure our meals are the freshest possible. We work with suppliers who look to source sustainable food products and who are also good corporate citizens who work hard on making a positive ethical end environmental impact.

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